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Animal*Trac© Software is the best Record Keeping System for managing Farms, Ranches, Kennels or your own group of pets.  For Windows or Virtual Windows on the Mac.
The Registry© is a completely customizable software product used by Registrars and Breed Organizations to maintain records of registered animals and owners and to produce registration certificates and pedigrees.
All Products work for any kind of animal.

All Products are user friendly - geared toward people who are not computer experts.
  1. We listen to our customers.
  2. We include your suggestions in the products in an effort to continuously improve its features and its ease of use.
  3. The products are used by animal owners worldwide.
  4. Customer codes, Health codes, Services codes, Income and Expense codes all set by user so system will always fits user needs.
  5. All screens operate the same so there is a fast learning curve.
 The software also includes the following features:
  • Maintain Animal Information for all types of animals
  • Maintain Health and Services Records
  • Produce Health Transcripts.
  • Generate a Health and/or Services Due list
  • Establish individualized health and services choices.
  • Print pedigrees to 6 generations with photos to 2 generations (in 2 formats).
  • Maintain Competition/ Show Records
  • Print or view Competition / Show Transcripts.
  • Maintain Breeding records.
  • Produce Breeding Transcripts, Progeny Lists. 
  • Track Income and Expenses.
  • Produce Income and Expense Tax Reports by category. 
  • Set up your own Income and Expense Codes
  • Inventory Reports of Animals.
  • Maintain Customer Information
  • Calculate Inbreeding Coefficient (Wrights).
  • Keep an address book of all service providers.
  • Print Sales Lists in three different formats.
  • Keep inventory records on your Frozen Semen Storage Tank (Goats, Sheep, Dogs).
  • Track different species in the same program using the Animal Type Code.
  • Print Bills and Maintain Customer Accounts Due.
  • Virtual Semen Tank
  • Production records for milk and meat goats (Special Edition)
  • And Even More!!
Special editions are available for many different horses, goats and for AKC dogs. These special editions print information from the breeding records onto your breed registration forms, and print stallion reports for some horse breeds, show entry forms and Litter Records for AKC Dogs.
See the Individual Product Descriptions to find the best fit for you.
Thank you for your interest in Animal Trac©
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